Waterproofing System Industry Materials

We serve the waterproofing for the below and above ground structure, internal and external building with the wide range of material such as the bituminous membrane, flexible polymer modified cement, crystallization material, acrylic modified waterproofing membrane, polyurethane, polyurea and so on.


Cementitious waterproofing system

Two types of cementitious waterproofing system are available.The combination of cement and modified polymer provides the non-toxic flexible coating material suitable for water tank, toilet, swimming pool, etc. The crystallization cement reacts with the concrete provide the watertight concrete suitable for the external basement work.

Liquid applied waterproofing system

The seamless liquid waterproofing system apply by brush or spray to provide the UV resistant, high elongation waterproofing membrane inclusive of acrylic, polyurethane and polyurea, suitable for roof, gutter, etc.

Sheet applied waterproofing system

Sheet membrane waterproofing systems are available inclusive of Bituminous, PVC and TPO sheet membrane suitable for external basement and roof waterproofing system.