Concrete repair & Strengthening

Passawarn is ready to solve your structure deflection with our knowledge and experience. Our services are including the deflection in the new construction and the refurbishments design.


Pin hole and honey comb repair

The patching and grouting cement and epoxy material are always available to supply for any case.

Structural Strengthening

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is always use for strengthening structure to satisfy the changed of functional usage, the under estimate design and construction, the degenerate of structure.

Crack repair

Epoxy resin injection

This method is suitable for the dry structure crack. The high strength epoxy would be injected into the crack to fasten the structure and improve the transferring of load.

Polyurethane resin injection

This method is design for the leakage repair. The high performance polyurethane resin would be injected into the leakage crack to react with the reverse water form as foam fill the porous into the concrete.