Flooring System

Flooring system will protect concrete floor from the physical damage, chemical attack, with the several of material such as Cement floor Hardener, liquid floor hardener, acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane etc.


Epoxy Floor

Epoxy coating and self leveling floor is the seamless durable floor suitable for the area which need the decorative, durable, and anti-chemical attached such as parking, clean room, factory, warehouse etc.

Polyurethane Floor

Polyurethane floor is the anti-microbial floor stands for the thermo shocked condition with the service temperature between -45 to 120 degree Celsius. Polyurethane floor is developed for the freeze room, pharmaceutical, food & beverage industry, etc.

Car park Deck Floor

The specific polyurethane system for Car Park Deck is the combination system waterproofing and flooring to provide the architectural and functional area of building. The system comes with high elongation, durability and UV resistance coating for internal and external area.